Installing a Leaf Guard to Reduce Rot

A leaf guard is an effective tool to keep the leaves from falling on your windshield and also, preventing them from entering your gutters. If you are tired of having a messy gutter, it's time to buy one! But before that, find out more about this useful product. Leaf guards are very effective in blocking your gutters. There are two types of leaf guards: straight and curved.

One of the best qualities of the gutter filters is that it can easily be installed over your gutters. If you want to save yourself time and money, getting a guard that you can install by yourself is best. If you are going to use the guard for the first time, get the help of a professional. This is important especially if you have no experience at all installing gutters. Professional help can ensure that your gutters will work for many years.

Before installing a guard, be sure that you have a measuring tape, broom, bucket, and level. Take note that you need to install the guard on the right side of your gutter. Using the measuring tape, find the center line of the gutter. After finding the center line, mark the outside edge of the gutter near the floor. Use a level to confirm that the marked line is level. Now that you have found the center line, measure the width of the gutter.

Use a leaf guard that is the same size as the inside of your gutter, or use a guard that is slightly bigger. Ensure that your gutters are free from leaves and other debris before installing a guard. If you find some pieces on your gutters, use a sharp blade to cut them off. Do not use blades with rounded edges.

After cutting the pieces, use a leaf guard to cover the gutter. However, if you find that some debris still remain, use a power washer to completely remove the debris. It is important that you always use the correct size for your gutters, because a smaller or larger guard won't fit. When you are installing the guard, use a wrench to tighten the nuts on the guard. This will make sure that the guard is secure on your gutters.

Finally, rinse the nuts and screws from the water. To make sure that no dust is left, use a vacuum cleaner. Now that everything is clean, attach the guard to your home. Remember that the guard is most effective when it is installed during the cold winter months. The winter months are the worst time for leaks. So protect your family by keeping them safe from falling leaves and debris. Find out more about gutters at

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